Kudos to the show coordinators!

The auto show is now under the direction of the Escalante Lions Club and Ruris wants you to know how great that is going! I mean they are putting on a drive-in movie for you!! That is really some entertainment we could all use right now. The cruise parade on Friday night is going to be so fun for the town to watch and then when it’s dark enough, meet at the high school to see the movie from your car.

They’ve pulled off everything that will make the show great including safe spacing between participants, personal protective stuff to keep the crowd sanitized and masked if they want to, and even having lunch offerings.

Thank you so much for taking your expertise, hard work, and time to keep this show an everlasting part of the great town of Escalante


From the very first show, the purpose has been all about community, small communities are the best at sticking together and making things happen.  While people enjoy the drawings and prizes throughout the whole day, the biggest winner can be the volunteer fire department through our donation to them at the end of the show- help us make it another great year and buy a raffle ticket!  Last year, the proceeds provided the Escalante emergency vehicles with much needed light bars.

The 2017 show had a special feature from Ruris (the non-profit org hosting the show) two large table were full of hardback, paperback, fiction, non-fiction books all free to the guests.  Families filled boxes, home schooling parents and avid readers added to their libraries.  Thanks to the Salt Lake City Library where the books began their journey to Escalante homes and schools.